How to Use Tea Bags for Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Did you know that many of the unused stuffs that you throw away in the daily garbage when used properly can prove incredibly helpful! Tea bag is one among these stuffs. Each used tea bag serves as a great remedy to get rid of your dark circles.

Basically, dark circles are the pigmentation of the skin under and around the eyes that can undermine your look. It is mainly due to poor sleep, undernutrition, stress, constant anxiety, weakness and illness.

These shiny tubes and vats of under-eye creams promising to fade away dark circles at night can seem very appealing. But most of these products are filled with artificial chemicals. Since the skin around your eyes is very tender and sensitive, simple and natural ingredients are the best way to deal with the problem.

Tea bag for dark circles is one of the best and economical remedy that can be easily followed each day. We’re here to share how to use tea bags for dark circles and bring you some of the best tea bags that can help you get rid of dark skin under the eyes.


Why tea bags for dark circles?

Tea bags are a great economical way to eliminate dark circles without side effects. Application of tea bags on soaked eyes also proves useful in treating eyes that turn puffy, swollen and tired.

  • Tea bags contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, remove fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that provide puffy relief, puffy eyes.
  • The presence of caffeine in the tea helps to shrink the blood vessels under the skin and lighten the eyes.
  • Some tea bags contain tannins that can reduce swelling and puffiness of the eyes by improving blood circulation, soothing and firming the skin around the eyes.


How to use tea bags for dark circles


Tempered and cooled tea bags are directly placed on dark circles to lighten the skin. Here’s step by step process on how to use tea bags for circles.

  1. To use the tea bags for_ dark circles simply enjoy 2 tea bags in_a cup of hot_water just as you_would to make tea.
  2. Let it steep for a few minutes. Remove_the tea bags from_ the hot water & squeeze out the excess_tea. Sip tea prepared
  3. Place the_used tea bags on_a clean plate & store in the_refrigerator for about 10 minutes. This will allow the tea bags to cool
  4. Remove the tea_bags from the refrigerator & place them on_your eyelids and dark circles. Allow them to_stand on your_skin for about 10 – 20 minutes
  5. Remove the tea_bags and wash the eyes with clean_water

Note 1: Always remember to remove the tea bag from the hot water cup before adding another ingredient to the tea cup.

Note 2: For best results, use fresh soaked tea bags as they contain all the essential ingredients needed to minimize dark circles

Here are some of the tea bags recommended to lighten dark circles and pigmentation of the skin around the eyes.

1. Camomile Tea Bag

The rich anti-oxidants present in chamomile tea bags fighting dark circles. Regular application of tea bag on the skin can help lighten the dark skin from the eye and reduce fine lines as well.

  • Place two fresh tea bags soaked on the eyelids and let them sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove the bags and wash the eyes with cool water.
  • Repeat the process twice a day


2. Green tea Bags

Widely to facilitate weight loss, green tea bags can also help dark circles. Tea contains some of the best essential ingredients, antioxidants and Tannis that fights dark circles.

  • Put green tea bags soaked on the eyes and let them rest for a few minutes before washing their eyes with clean_water
  • Repeat the process twice a day


3. Lemon Teabags

Lemon tea bags work wonders to lessen dark circles and ensure complete rejuvenation of tired eyes.


4. Pepper Mint Teabags

Chilled mint pepper tea bags when placed on the eyelids helps to clean under the skin of the eyes, lighten the pigmentation and give a cooling, effect to equalize the most tired eyes of relaxation.


5. Black tea

The caffeine content in black tea helps to eliminate dark circles by narrowing the blood vessels of the skin under the eyes to reveal a lighter tone of the skin.

Tips Precaution

  • The skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of your face. Check that the tea bags are pretty cool before using them on the eyelids and under the skin of the eye
  • While following the remedies, close your eyelids properly when the tea bags are placed on them to prevent any flow of the tea bag entering your eyes.
  • If any of the above remedies irritate the eyes, then stop using immediately and wash the eyes with fresh water splash
  • Sipping on one of the daily teas above allows you to work from the inside and reduce dark circles
  • Drinking lots of water, including fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily diet, nourishes the body and reduces dark circles.

The above remedies should be followed regularly with care including healthy lifestyle to permanently get rid of dark circles. Have you found the remedies above helpful? Which of the above methods have you tried successfully? If you know more about using tea bags for dark circles then do share your tips and tricks with us here.




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