How To Use Witch Hazel for Dark Circles – 5 Ways

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Are dark circles affecting your self-worth? Dark circles are one of many annoying beauty issues. Wondering why you have got them? When the skin under eyes will get thinner, the blood vessels get revealed giving a bluish tint. This can occur as a consequence of lack of sleep. Improving sleep quality helps to reduce dark discoloration under the eyes. Apart from lack of sleep they can be caused as a consequence of stress, air pollution, allergens and plenty of different elements, you may try home remedies like Witch Hazel for Dark Circles.

Using concelears, eye lotions, under brightening correctors and different cosmetics can quickly fade your dark circles. But additionally they have uncomfortable side effects which include dryness and skin damage. One can simply belief home remedies for eradicating dark circles with out any uncomfortable side effects.

Witch Hazel is among the value efficient and environment friendly home remedies to take away dark circles. It is extracted from leaves, barks and twigs of the shrub itself. If you can not tolerate the scent of witch hazel then you’ll be able to select milkcucumber or green tea baggage.

Is Witch Hazel Good For Dark Under Eye Circles?

  • As a natural astringent, witch hazel reduces irritation, swelling, and discoloration
  • The chrysin in witch hazel shrinks swollen blood vessels and improves circulation, lightening shadows.
  • It contains tannins that scale back pigmentation.
  • The gallic acid, catechins, flavonoids, choline, and saponins in witch hazel additionally lighten dark circles,


How to Use Witch Hazel to Erase Dark Circles


Regular utilization of witch hazel additionally reduces puffiness of eyes, tightens and brightens the skin under eyes.


1. Under Eye Gel with Witch Hazel

  • Slice open an aloe vera leaf and scoop out 50 grams of gel.
  • Blend half of of complete cucumber and strain it using a muslin material.
  • In a sauce pan, combine cucumber juice and 1 tablespoon every of dried chamomile and witch hazel.
  • On a low flame, deliver the combination to boil and switch off the heat.
  • Stir nicely and put aside coated for 5 – 8 minutes to let the herbs infuse.
  • Strain the solution and whisk gently by including one teaspoon of aloe-vera gel at a time into the gel. Stop including the aloe-vera before it will get runny.
  • Every day, gently massage into under-eye skin till absorbed and depart on.
  • You can store the combination in fridge for 2 weeks.


2. Witch Hazel

  • Soak two cotton pads in witch hazel.
  • Wring out the surplus and place them over eyes.
  • Remove them after 5 minutes.
  • Repeat the process day by day.
  • Note: you need to use chilled witch hazel for further refreshing.


3. Witch Hazel with Egg Whites

Egg whites comprise proteins that promote the production of collagen, which retains skin agency and supple.

  • Crack 2 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites.
  • Whip the egg whites and stir in few drops of witch hazel.
  • Use cotton balls to use combination on clear skin and depart on 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with water and pat dry.
  • Repeat day by day for per week for quick outcomes.


4. Witch Hazel and Green Tea

Green tea contains anti-oxidants that shield skin from damaging toxins.

  • Brew robust green tea.
  • Combine equal components of witch hazel and powerful green tea collectively.
  • Soak some cotton pads in combination for few minutes.
  • Refrigerate them for few minutes.
  • Apply over eyes overlaying dark circles and pat dry.
  • You can store the remaining cotton pads and use them day by day as wanted.
  • Repeat day by day.


5. Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Essential Oils

  • Mix 1 ½ ounce every of witch hazel extract and aloe vera gel, 10 drops every of lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil.
  • Refrigerate this resolution over night.
  • Every morning, apply a small quantity of the solution over dark circles.
  • Let the solution relaxation so long as potential and gently pat dry.
  • Use day by day.


How to Buy the Best Witch Hazel?

It is necessary to seek out the pure witch hazel for best outcomes. In order to make their products marketable, many manufacturers hooked up pointless additions to witch hazel. Always select products that include pure witch hazel and only a few different elements. Avoid manufacturers that comprise synthetic perfume or alcohol. Thayer Unscented Witch Hazel and Dickinson’s witch hazel are a few of the trusted products with out further elements. You can simply discover them generally shops or on-line shops like Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon and plenty of others.

Tips and Precautions:


  • Make certain that witch hazel doesn’t have nice scent. One with disagreeable scent supplies extra effectiveness in treating your dark circles problem
  • If witch hazel enters into the eyes, it causes irritation, itching and discomfort to the eyes.
  • Regular utilization of witch hazel will help to clear the tiredness and redness on eyes and makes them refreshed.
  • Witch hazel can be out there in cream kind like Zax’s Dark Circle Eye Cream. It is definitely out there available in the market. Gently massage this cream under the eyes overlaying dark circles. After 10 – 15 minutes, rinse off and pat dry. Use this cream day by day.
  • Witch hazel has an disagreeable scent. If you’re allergic to some smells, then keep away from using this. If not you’re free to use.
  • If you discover the witch hazel is just too drying or inflicting irritation when utilized to skin, dilute the solution with some distilled water
  • Always check the witch hazel resolution or any above remedies in your arm. If any adverse outcomes are noticed, cease using
  • Pregnant girls ought to keep away from application of witch hazel for dark circles and any different skin associated issues. Consult a medical knowledgeable before using witch hazel in any kind.
  • Unfortunately, if witch hazel is taken internally in any kind, seek the advice of the physician instantly. It causes constipation, nausea and vomiting.
  • Apart from above remedies, sleep for at the very least 7 – 8 hours, have a dietary diet that include nutritional vitamins, quit smoking and ingesting.
  • Make certain to seek the advice of your physician, should you don’t get any reduction from these dark circles after using this witch hazel remedies.


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